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  • 11 Jan 2017
    Marked improvement in Plett’s litter scene

    In December 2015, I was really ashamed and disgusted by the huge amount of litter left along the Piesang River picnic area after that year’s New Year’s Day celebrations - so much so that I took photos of the rubbish littering the entire area to such an extent that one could not find a space...

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  • 21 Dec 2016
    Police horses are officers of the law!

    I write in connection with the photo and short description published in CXPRESS of December 14 [see page 24 at www.cxpress.co.za].
    I, too, was thrilled to see members of the Mounted Police, all the way from Cape Town, gracing our beautiful town, and I got to know the amazing riders and their...

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  • 14 Dec 2016
    Once proud Plett ratepayer’s plea to Bitou council

    I remember the day when our mayor was hoisted up in the air and unveiled that beautiful sculpture of the dolphins opposite the newly-built Upper Deck - I was a very proud taxpayer of Plett!
    A couple of years after this, the council made me proud again when I saw them totally changing the face of...

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  • 07 Dec 2016
    Rave sounds like fun, but ‘rage’ infers violence

    It is that time of the year when the matrics descend upon Plett to celebrate their final year at school (‘hopefully’, for some…) and to unwind and have a good old time celebrating the event.
    This may sound like a petty observation, but I find it extremely difficult to understand the logic...

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  • 07 Dec 2016
    Broken shells on Robberg may threaten Blue Flag status

    I would like to suggest that the people responsible for our beaches wake up and remove all the clam and mussel shells washed up on Robberg Beach during the recent big seas.
    It is impossible to walk or run or do anything barefoot on this beach without cutting one’s feet to pieces!
    I suggest you...

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