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ROCK STAR: A blow to Carla Germishuys’s face left her with two black eyes and a swollen nose when she was attacked during a hike with her boyfriend on Wednesday January 20 Photo: Alistair Hill

In June 2013, CXPRESS Garden Route Newspaper celebrated 15 years of bringing news, views and entertainment to local residents and visitors – an apt time indeed to strengthen our online presence with this bright new website.

Whereas space is always at a premium in our hard-copy publication, the opposite is true for cyber space and we invite you to make the best of this user-friendly opportunity to share your stories and photos with us. CXPRESS is published and distributed every week on a Wednesday, but at www.cxpress.co.za you can submit news any day of the week. When we run out of time or space on newsprint, this forum provides the perfect spot to include the many extra stories and images received. Now get typing – we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • 30 Aug 2017
    Fears abound that continued Knysna unrest will result in serious injuries

    A case of public violence was opened by the Knysna police following the most recent spate of riotous protests on the N2 at Nekkies - CANDICE LUDICK reports

    ON August 16, reports on social media indicated that traffic backed up as a result of a barricade of burning tyres on the N2 had become...

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  • 23 Aug 2017
    Saving water is now of utmost importance

    FOLLOWING on the recent article about the probable water shortage looming in Plett [turn to page 4 of the August 9 edition at www.cxpress.co.za], these useful tips provide some simple measures that you can start taking in your house and garden to save water.
    The greatest waster is probably...

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  • 16 Aug 2017
    Evidence after forensic sleuthing finds that Knysna fires were man-made

    The Knysna fires appear to have been started by humans, according to the findings of a forensic report released on August 14 - CANDICE LUDICK reports

    FOLLOWING an extensive investigation by Knysna Fire chief Clinton Manuel the evidence gathered overwhelmingly indicates that the wildfires which...

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  • 09 Aug 2017
    A closer look at Plett’s looming water crisis

    There is a strong possibility that Bitou will soon experience a water crisis similar to that in places like Knysna and Cape Town - BASIL VAN ROOYEN and OLIVER RISSIK of Plettenberg Bay Community Environmental Forum report

    CXPRESS readers would have learnt in last week’s issue about Knysna’s...

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  • 09 Aug 2017
    Creativity cures: Painted pebbles spread love after recent Knysna fires

    A new, gentle way of reaching out to one another in the aftermath of the Knysna fires is spreading like - well, like wildfire.

    “Knysna Rocks is a kind of treasure hunt using painted pebbles,” says Ashley Barnes, the founder of the Knysna Rocks Facebook group, who’s dedicated herself to...

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